Gaming Setup


Be sure your new Xbox, Playstation or Wii console is set up correctly for ultimate fun and security.

THERE IS A $30 BOOKING FEE to reserve a Smart Geek. Please scroll down to “Product Description” for full prices.


Package Options In-Store $40.00 Onsite $99.99
Perform first time setup of one gaming console   PINKcheck  PINKcheck
Complete all system updates  PINKcheck  PINKcheck
Setup three local user accounts  PINKcheck  PINKcheck
Configure parental controls  PINKcheck  PINKcheck
Setup and verify one online account  PINKcheck  PINKcheck
Physically set up console and peripherals  PINKcheck
(controllers, Kinect camera, Sony Vita, etc.)  PINKcheck
Neatly dress cables using tie wraps (as needed)  PINKcheck
Integrate into your home theater system and configure for optimum resolution and audio settings  PINKcheck
Connect gaming console to an existing network  PINKcheck